The aim of 3P is to encourage the planting of churches where there are none.



The Church needs to multiply, or it will fail to reach the millions who do not know Christ.

The family of a very strict orthodox deacon are all nominal Christians. They were not happy that his wife was opening the house for a church planting group. After a short time of praying and studying the word of God, he started to attend the meeting and to pray with his family and love the group. The wife also accepted Christ and now loves the Lord and studies the bible regularly.





3P Ministries aims to encourage continuous, fervent and informed prayer in and for nations where Christianity is oppressed or opposed.


In one region of North Africa, Hanna is an old lady suffering from diabetes, and previously had a toe amputated because of gangrene. When the team working in her area visited her, she was suffering from a severe gangrenous infection in her foot following an accident where she stepped on a nail that pierced the sole of her foot. Her doctor was planning to amputate her foot after a few days. The group prayed with this lady for healing, and after re-examining her, the doctor said “It is a miracle, your foot is healing - you do not need the operation”. She is praising God and committed to Christ.




3P Ministries supports people who put their lives on the line to live out their faith and commitment to Christ.



Bronsen was badly disfigured while defending his village from extremists. He now testifies from church to church how God has helped him forgive his attackers.


In one North African country, a widow and her two daughters live alone in an oppressive economic and social environment where some Moslem fanatics wanted to convert them. When the ministry reached their area, they were cared for and supported by the church planting group. They started to feel safe and self-confident and trusted in God. They started to witness for Christ in their neighbourhood.

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